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Construction and Remodeling



We treat your home like we were building it for our own families. Read the testimonials below to know what some of our clients have to say about us.

What Others Have to Say

Mr. Mike Buddemeyer
Buddemeyer Construction Corporation.
P. O. Box 2351
Marco Island, Fl. 34146

4 / 8 / 2009

Dear Mike,

It’s been almost two years since you finished our project. We have thanked you many times for a professional job well done. You started on time, finished ahead of schedule, provided excellent supervision and control, showed excellent judgment, and were responsive and honest. We have recommended you to others, and those who have used you were equally satisfied.

We could have saved money with a cheaper contractor. But the pleasure of a cheap job ends when the check is written; while the quality and pleasure of a job well done last forever.

I am writing now because again you were so responsive recently when a problem

developed in the Condo that was not your fault. You came immediately, developed a solution, and had workers here within 2 hours to resolve the problem. Then you made sure the responsible party covered the cost. A less honest contractor would have tried to charge me, and double-dip.



Jim Ferry
573 Seaview Court
Marco Island, Fl. 34145
239 394 4884

Having done renovations and expansions before only gave me an intuition for what I thought was a good contractor and an awesome contractor.  Well, I hit the jackpot.  I found an awesome contractor.  In my search of places to purchase in Florida, I knew exactly what I was looking to rehabilitate or renovate.  Coming to Marco Island, I found that in a dilapidated, derelict, demolished abandoned building that had a 30K fine already attached to the seller’s title.  But what I did see in the property was the exact footprint of a Deltone home awaiting to be restored and conserved in the most detail of projects.  There is no doubt that I would never have achieved the exact home I wanted without the help of my designer Robin Thomas and Mike Buddemeyer my builder.  The project was completed with only one visit during the process until the end.  Each week, hundreds of pictures some weeks that  Mike sent me of the work that had been accomplished that week, the issues and opportunities that arose, and the requirements needed to resolve on different levels. The internet brings a new dimension to renovation and restoration!   Mike chose craftsmen who to this day are the same ones who do all the work on my home from the first day I purchased. Mike even had to work with the city council to comply with zoning and Federal requirements for hurricane repair limitations. The city even had a special meeting to work with me on renovation and conservation.  And this was before I purchased the house.  I knew not to buy unless I could restore.  We met them all with flying colors.  Each step meticulously done and each communication carried out as requested.  Knowing construction business and knowing what was and was not cheap work, I chose Mike due to his craftsmanship and follow up.  You can spend a lot of money on junk, but with Mike I spent money on quality.   I bought quality materials, so I expected quality work. I got a quality builder to complete the process for an awesome outcome!

William Gregory Johnson and Roy L. Simpson

Mike Buddemeyer
Buddemeyer Construction
Thank you so much for the excellent job on our recent condo renovation.  It's been a great experience working with a crew that not only does impeccable work but was pleasant and accommodating.  Extra thanks to you, Mike for keeping the lines of communication open and for many helpful suggestions and listening to what our dreams were for this major project. 
We have heard many compliments from others in our building who have knocked on the door as word spread.  Needless to say, we have given your name and number to many of our friends and acquaintances.
Thanks again for helping us turn a condo in a building into a beautiful, welcoming home.
Tina, Kim and Steve Zandy
Marco Island, Fl.  

Dear Mike-

Just a little note to say thank you for the exceptional job you did on our condo in the Marbelle.  I am so glad that we took your advice and redid everything at one time.  Everyone that sees it cannot say enough good things about the workmanship!  We are totally pleased with the way everything turned out.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!  (I already have)  You can give our name as a reference anytime.


Skip and Lana Wahl


Dear Mike:

We were delighted to return to Marco Island to find our condo looking so beautiful.  The woodwork carpentry, the painting and the plastering couldn't look more professional.  We absolutely love the finished product.

It is not easy to find a contractor you can trust to work in your home when you are absent for a long period.  You exceeded our expectations.  You finished the job quickly and accurately.  There was absolutely nothing for which we needed to call you back--except to tell you how satisfied we are.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to others or to contact you the next time we plan a major project.

Best wishes,
George and Marge Hawes

In our lifetime, we have built and/or remodeled many homes in our hometown.  Remodeling our home in Florida, via long distance, can be nerve-racking.  Where would you begin?  How do you find out about reputable contractors?  Mike Buddemeyer was recommended to us from our cabinet supplier, on a fluke.  We interviewed him and several others, but chose Mike for several reasons.  He is incredibility detail oriented, organized and fair.  He is a perfectionist.  Having never seen his work, just meeting him to discuss what we wanted to do to our home down to the minute details was covered.  He asks many questions, if there is an issue that wouldn’t work; he thoroughly explained why and would give us alternatives to make an educated decision.

Although we could not be on the job site every day, his constant communication via telephone and the internet with many pictures sent gave us the comfort and knowledge that our project was moving forward, on time and within budget!  His sub contractors that he uses are excellent.  They are professional and take pride in their work.

We are very happy and proud of our remodeled home.  If you can walk into a finished project without saying, “we should have done this or that” then it is a success in our book.  There is nothing we would change in what we did.  We are just sorry that we don't have the opportunity to work with him again.  He not only is a great contractor, he became a good friend.

Jill & John Gaynor


Mike did a fantastic job of gutting and rebuilding our 3 bedroom apartment at the Marbelle on Marco Island. There is a superb quality of finish throughout and 5 years later it's all still looking as fresh as when it was just done. I did not use an architect or designer, just went through the apartment with Mike and decided together what was needed. And, amazingly, this whole job was completed to perfection without us making a single trip to Marco to inspect its progress. We handed over the keys to the old apartment and came back to an entirely new one. The whole thing was based on trust that he would attend to every detail as needed. There was not one dollar of cost overruns. When we returned we expected to find some little thing that was not to our liking due to our lack of participation and we were truly amazed to find none! We later found out that whatever problems arose, Mike dealt with them without fuss, or charging us extra, he just solved the problems quietly and didn't boast about his accomplishments. We whole heartedly recommend Mike for your project. After remodeling homes in Connecticut, California and New York, he is the best and most trustworthy builder we have encountered. Please feel free to call me at 609 924 1148 (NJ).

Yvonne Leutzinger

When we elected to have major renovation and remodeling done to our condominium, we never imagined that we would experience a relationship with a general contractor like Mike Buddemeyer whose attention to detail and overseeing the entire project exceeded our expectations and made the entire process easy.  We were equally pleasantly surprise when the project was not only completed in the time allotted but finished ahead of schedule.  All of the above and a contractor with impeccable integrity made the entire process very pleasing.


Ray and Toni Feeley
PS  Please feel free to give out our phone number and email address to anyone asking for references.  Also, we would be happy to show anyone your work on our condo as we are very proud and happy with the way everything turned our.  Again, thanks Mike.

"We live in Colorado and own a condo in Naples that was flooded in the fall of 2007.  We hired Mike (Buddemeyer Construction) and were very satisfied with the work that was done.  Mike is an honest guy and payed attention to details.  He would communicate via email and phone when issues came up,  which was very important to us since we were in Colorado.  His subs/contractors were very patient and professional.  We would highly recommend Buddemeyer Construction to anyone who needed a general contractor.  Thanks, Mike! " 

Marcia & Steve Jendersee





















Construction and Remodeling
Construction and Remodeling
Construction and Remodeling
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