About Us

Hi, my name is Mike Buddemeyer, and I am the proprietor of Buddemeyer Construction. Unlike other companies, I want to address your apprehensions head-on and discuss the realities of your project.

We understand that many remodeling companies tend to offer generic narratives on their websites, emphasizing their years of experience, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness, among other clichés. What often gets overlooked, however, are your specific concerns, fears, and the individuals who will actually be working in your home.

Initially, you might be concerned about encountering pushy salespeople who may make hollow promises or overwhelm you with unnecessary calls and paperwork. However, at Buddemeyer Construction, we skip the sales pitch entirely. Right from the start, you’ll communicate directly with me. Once we understand your needs and goals, I’ll connect you with trusted experts in various areas—such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and more—individuals with whom I’ve built strong, lasting relationships. You can trust in their expertise and integrity as they provide tailored advice for your project.

Home Remodeling in Marco Island and South Naples, FL

At Buddemeyer Construction, integrity and honesty are the pillars of our service. We’re committed to transparent communication, providing you with accurate assessments and reliable estimates every step of the way. Whether it’s discussing realistic timelines or offering sincere advice on material choices, you can trust us to prioritize your best interests throughout your project.

Let’s work together to turn your dreams into reality while alleviating any worries along the way.